Pink Pearl Earrings

pink_pearl_earringI am showing these little dandies in my bridal section but, truly, they could be worn with other pretty clothes for special occasions. I’m thinking pink or silver, cream…anything like that. The posts on these earrings are sterling silver and the studs are real pearl. The stones are pink pearls and natural crystal on sterling silver chain.

Vintage Chains with Charms

vintage_charmsThis necklace features a variety of vintage chains, stones and charms. Smokey agate, crystal, pyrite, a tassel and other elements layered together give this piece a bohemian feel. I love how this necklace looks with a tailored suit jacket or a baby doll dress.  It is quite long and adds some leanness to flowier looking tops and dresses.

Golden Lariat

gold_larietThis is a very long lariat on fancy gold, textured chain. The twirly tassels are comprised on gold foil beads, faux pearls, Swarovski crystals and natural pink crystals. Wear it long or double it and wear it tied. Or connect the two ends together with the hidden clasp.

Cherry Quartz Bricolette

bow_dropThis sweet, simple little necklace features a cherry quartz drop attached to a raw brass bow on gold-filled chain. It will look quite pretty against your skin, complementing just about any outfit imaginable.

Long Disco Balls

disco_longThis is tow necklaces shown together. They are both on large-link silver chain, one darker than the other. The darker chained one is also about an inch and a half longer.  Aside from that, they both contain disco-esque silver crystal and natural crystal stones.

Shiny Disco Balls

discothequeWhile this necklace does have a disco feel to it, it is very versatile and perfect for the holidays. Add a little sparkle to your life with some glittery baubles around your neck.

Do the Hustle!

disco_braceletThis chunky bracelet is made with a variety of chain types and features a sterling silver clasp. It is so versatile and fun to wear with any outfit imaginable. My favourite part about this piece are the crystal balls with metallic paint. They give this bracelet some awesome disco ball attitude.

Cameo Necklaces

vintage_cameo_necklacesThese cool little cameos are on vintage Japanese chain. They are vintage acrylic cameos on new brass frames. The look fantastic on their own or layered with other pieces.

Cameo Rings


Adorable flamingos and pretty flowers, these sweet little cameo rings are the perfect adornment for funky fingers. No need to worry about ring sizes, these babies are adjustable. The bands are nickle-free brass alloy, as are the cameo frames.


Little Captivating Flowers

flower_ringsOh la la! Cute rings! These pretty little flowers are made out of brass and then hand painted in vibrant colours. The bands are brass and fully adjustable to fit any ring size.

That Old Feeling…

bronze_decoThis is actually two pieces, but I really like how they look together. The shorter one is a little vintage pendant on gold-fill chain (14k gold over sterling silver) and the longer piece is a mix of vintage brass and new gunmetal chain. The stones are painted crystal. It was a wonderfully vintage feel. I love how the blue in the pendant compliments the black chain and how all of the warm gold shades work together.

Deco Pendant

deco_tasselThis tasseled pendant features diamond cut Ruby Fuschite on vintage brass Japanese chain, circa 1950.  It may be easily worn with a variety of tops or dresses.

Vintage Deco

vintage_decoThe chain on this necklace is fantastically vintage. It is from the 193os and features intricate twisted links. The Large diamond shaped stones are called Ruby Fuschite and they are a mix of grey and dark green mottled with gold and white. The black beads are vintage and made of a type of  ceramic, I believe, while the shiny bronze stones are painted crystal. This necklace is long, hitting you mid torso.

Tassel Earrings

mesh_tassel_earringgold_tassel_earringVintage glamour abounds in these gold and black tassel earrings. Bronzed crystals and enmeshed pearls create an art deco feel. Let these little beauties dazzle your most flirtatious  dress or your hottest pair of jeans.

Grey Pearl Bracelet

greypearlbracelet3Grey and blue pearls on sterling silver chain make a nice addition to any outfit and any occasion. Dress it up or down or layer it with other bracelets and bangles to create a layered look.

Grey Pearl Earrings

grey_pearl_earringCute grey pearl earrings, perfect for any occasion.  Varying pearl shapes and shades with blue and grey,  touches of amethyst, Labradorite and crystal.

Chandelier Earrings

chadellier_earringsThese pretty earrings are 100% sterling silver and feature natural crystal and milky white quartz. They are the perfect size and weight, noticeable without being huge. The total measurement lengthwise is 3 inches.  I also have them available with black and grey stones.

Tassel Bracelets

black_tassel_braceletThis is one of my recent favourites. Two pewter-toned chains are inter-woven and fastened with a delicate toggle clasp. The main attraction, though, is the black chain tassel affixed to a sterling silver cap. While the chains are long enough to be eye-catching, they’re not so long that they are cumbersome.
Truly a great piece for any outfit.

leaves_tassel_braceletThe image below is another version which follows the same theme with chunky matte brass chain and vintage brass leaves and stones.

Chain Fringe

large chain fringeWould you believe me if I told you that this piece is extremely time consuming to make? Let’s see what we have going on here…TONS OF CHAIN!
The chain fringe is attached to a fairly substantial oxidized sterling silver chain. The semi-precious stones are natural crystal, smokey quartz, lemon quartz, jet and onyx.
You could basically wear this with anything as the mixed metals and stones are pretty neutral. I won’t lie, it’s a bit heavy but not nearly as heavy as you might think. It’s a personal favourite of mine. I love it so much, I don’t mind the hours and hours of work it takes to make them.
Want one for yourself? It’s available at Freedom Clothing Collective.

Long Fringe

white_leather_earringblack_leather_earringThese shoulder dusters feature vintage leather fringe and vintage gold army coat buttons. The posts are sterling silver coated in 14 carat gold. If you decide that you don’t like the length, just grab a pair of scissors and give them a trim!