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Sweet Little Bows

These inch-long pretty little bows are hand knotted with hard setting wire. It’s a special type of jewelry wire that gets harder and harder the more you manipulate it so eventually it become solid as a rock. It is made of an alloy but it is nickle free and tarnish resistant. The 15-inch chains are sterling silver and gold fill.

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Top Brass

This necklace features a whole lot of up-cycled and vintage elements, including rhinestone cup chain, a chandelier crystal, a large brass leaf and an old earring. I love taking apart random stuff and making it into something new. It is fairly long, loose and perfect for a variety of occasions, with a dress or with jeans.brass_leaf

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Key Plate Necklaces

I do apologize for not posting these sooner. Life got in the way of prompt blog updating. Here are a few shots of the gorgeous antique key plates that I found while traveling in France. They are solid brass and are just plain pretty. They were functional at one point so they are heavier than the reproductions that you can find here or there, but they are small so no neck pain, I promise. Personally, I would rather have the real thing.  I have combined them with pearls in girly shades of pink and cream which I think gives them a Rococo feel.


As you can see, the key shape has been filed out in this one which makes it look more like a wreath of roses. This one is quite long and features 3 layered vintage and new raw brass chains with pearl and crystal.

keyplate_shortThis piece is a bit shorter than the other key plate necklaces that I have made, as it sits around the breast bone. The pearls are hand knotted on silk and the little crystal chain is hand linked. keyplate_ribbonThis key plate has a hand-cut, hand-dyed silk ribbon in different shades of pink on raw brass chain. Underneath the plate is a little vintage tassel.

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The Amazing Five-in-One Necklace


This fabulous piece can be worn 4 different ways as a necklace and 1 way as a bracelet. Here we see it nice and long, perfect for any outfit imaginable. There is a cool mix of black and pewter chain, painted crystal and faux pearls.


The trick is undoing the toggles in the middle of the long version to create two separate necklaces, shown here worn together to create a chunky fashion-forward look.


While wearing them together makes for a fantastically bold look, you may also wear them separately as two different pieces for a slightly simpler look, or to layer with other pieces. It is easy to see that you will get a lot of wear out of this piece.


As if 4 ways to wear this thing wasn’t enough, the longer, simpler chain is also the perfect length to wrap around your wrist to wear as a bracelet.


Lastly, for those who love gold or for those who have a special event that requires just a bit more glitz and glamour, this gorgeous accessory is also available in an antique gold and brass combo.


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Chandelier Crystals and Vintage Chain

jewellery-015A long while back, I was given these elongated chandelier crystals from a friend. It took me a while to figure out what to do with them, but eventually, years later, the creative juices got flowing and THIS is what I came up with. There’s a lot going on but in an interesting way–vintage chains, super soft microfiber ribbon, rhinestone chain, vintage costume pearls, crystals…lots fun of stuff.

It’s easier to wear than you would think. It looks amazing with a blazer and the ribbon makes the length adjustable for to increase your options.

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Pink Pearl Drop

pink_pearl_dropI made necklace in the same style as the earrings that I recently posted. Again, it’s in bridal, but it is one of those pieces with a lot of possibilities.  Like the earrings, this necklace is made with pearls and natural crystal on sterling silver chain.

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Vintage Chains with Charms

vintage_charmsThis necklace features a variety of vintage chains, stones and charms. Smokey agate, crystal, pyrite, a tassel and other elements layered together give this piece a bohemian feel. I love how this necklace looks with a tailored suit jacket or a baby doll dress.  It is quite long and adds some leanness to flowier looking tops and dresses.

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Golden Lariat

gold_larietThis is a very long lariat on fancy gold, textured chain. The twirly tassels are comprised on gold foil beads, faux pearls, Swarovski crystals and natural pink crystals. Wear it long or double it and wear it tied. Or connect the two ends together with the hidden clasp.

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Cherry Quartz Bricolette

bow_dropThis sweet, simple little necklace features a cherry quartz drop attached to a raw brass bow on gold-filled chain. It will look quite pretty against your skin, complementing just about any outfit imaginable.

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Long Disco Balls

disco_longThis is tow necklaces shown together. They are both on large-link silver chain, one darker than the other. The darker chained one is also about an inch and a half longer.  Aside from that, they both contain disco-esque silver crystal and natural crystal stones.

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Shiny Disco Balls

discothequeWhile this necklace does have a disco feel to it, it is very versatile and perfect for the holidays. Add a little sparkle to your life with some glittery baubles around your neck.

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Cameo Necklaces

vintage_cameo_necklacesThese cool little cameos are on vintage Japanese chain. They are vintage acrylic cameos on new brass frames. The look fantastic on their own or layered with other pieces.

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That Old Feeling…

bronze_decoThis is actually two pieces, but I really like how they look together. The shorter one is a little vintage pendant on gold-fill chain (14k gold over sterling silver) and the longer piece is a mix of vintage brass and new gunmetal chain. The stones are painted crystal. It was a wonderfully vintage feel. I love how the blue in the pendant compliments the black chain and how all of the warm gold shades work together.

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Deco Pendant

deco_tasselThis tasseled pendant features diamond cut Ruby Fuschite on vintage brass Japanese chain, circa 1950.  It may be easily worn with a variety of tops or dresses.

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Vintage Deco

vintage_decoThe chain on this necklace is fantastically vintage. It is from the 193os and features intricate twisted links. The Large diamond shaped stones are called Ruby Fuschite and they are a mix of grey and dark green mottled with gold and white. The black beads are vintage and made of a type of  ceramic, I believe, while the shiny bronze stones are painted crystal. This necklace is long, hitting you mid torso.

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Chain Fringe

large chain fringeWould you believe me if I told you that this piece is extremely time consuming to make? Let’s see what we have going on here…TONS OF CHAIN!
The chain fringe is attached to a fairly substantial oxidized sterling silver chain. The semi-precious stones are natural crystal, smokey quartz, lemon quartz, jet and onyx.
You could basically wear this with anything as the mixed metals and stones are pretty neutral. I won’t lie, it’s a bit heavy but not nearly as heavy as you might think. It’s a personal favourite of mine. I love it so much, I don’t mind the hours and hours of work it takes to make them.
Want one for yourself? It’s available at Freedom Clothing Collective.

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Statement Pieces

statement2This is what you would call a statement piece. The stones are dyed agate, Pyrite and natural crystal. The chains are an interesting mix of silver and gold.

I love how this style of necklace looks with a low cut dress. It covers up your chest but in a terribly sexy way.  Let these pieces enliven your favorite party dress or open-necked top.


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Leather and Pearls

leather and pearlsPretty, yet edgy, this necklace features long strips of vintage leather intertwined with pewter-toned chain and large faux pearls encased in wire mesh. This recycled leather is super soft and despite the number of leather strips, it is pretty lightweight.  I think it’s pretty sexy.

This necklace would look great with a ribbed, white tank top in the summer, or spice up a little strapless black dress for during the holidays. It will get you noticed in all the right ways.

Available at Freedom Clothing Collective

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Hot Mess

key_crystal_charm_necklaceThis long and sexy necklace has it all–vintage chains, charms, a big flower and even a chandelier crystal. It’s already wonderfully tangled up so you’ll never have to worry about it getting mangled.  This piece would look fantastic with a clean-lined top to show off all the craziness.

The flower is securely anchored onto an agate crystal ring and will sit very nicely, nestled up near your collar bone. The chains are a mix of chunky silver, fabric links, and vintage brass. There is an antique treasure chest key with a sweet heart carved into it and more tiny heart and key charms  scattered around. A dangling antique chandelier crystal polishes off this hot mess.

Like it? Want it? It’s available at Freedom Clothing Collective.

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