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Pink Pearl Earrings

pink_pearl_earringI am showing these little dandies in my bridal section but, truly, they could be worn with other pretty clothes for special occasions. I’m thinking pink or silver, cream…anything like that. The posts on these earrings are sterling silver and the studs are real pearl. The stones are pink pearls and natural crystal on sterling silver chain.

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Tassel Earrings

mesh_tassel_earringgold_tassel_earringVintage glamour abounds in these gold and black tassel earrings. Bronzed crystals and enmeshed pearls create an art deco feel. Let these little beauties dazzle your most flirtatious  dress or your hottest pair of jeans.

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Grey Pearl Earrings

grey_pearl_earringCute grey pearl earrings, perfect for any occasion.  Varying pearl shapes and shades with blue and grey,  touches of amethyst, Labradorite and crystal.

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Chandelier Earrings

chadellier_earringsThese pretty earrings are 100% sterling silver and feature natural crystal and milky white quartz. They are the perfect size and weight, noticeable without being huge. The total measurement lengthwise is 3 inches.  I also have them available with black and grey stones.

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Long Fringe

white_leather_earringblack_leather_earringThese shoulder dusters feature vintage leather fringe and vintage gold army coat buttons. The posts are sterling silver coated in 14 carat gold. If you decide that you don’t like the length, just grab a pair of scissors and give them a trim!

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