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The Amazing Five-in-One Necklace


This fabulous piece can be worn 4 different ways as a necklace and 1 way as a bracelet. Here we see it nice and long, perfect for any outfit imaginable. There is a cool mix of black and pewter chain, painted crystal and faux pearls.


The trick is undoing the toggles in the middle of the long version to create two separate necklaces, shown here worn together to create a chunky fashion-forward look.


While wearing them together makes for a fantastically bold look, you may also wear them separately as two different pieces for a slightly simpler look, or to layer with other pieces. It is easy to see that you will get a lot of wear out of this piece.


As if 4 ways to wear this thing wasn’t enough, the longer, simpler chain is also the perfect length to wrap around your wrist to wear as a bracelet.


Lastly, for those who love gold or for those who have a special event that requires just a bit more glitz and glamour, this gorgeous accessory is also available in an antique gold and brass combo.


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Bridal Bracelets

shellywan1Here are a few different options for bridal bracelets–for yourself or someone in your wedding party. These are designs that I have made for other brides in the past, working with them to create original designs. In the case of the yellow bracelet, the ribbon used to close the piece, perfectly matches the bridesmaid’s dresses and flowers. I can work within the costs that you set for me, making the bracelets fancier or simpler as your budget allows.

Pearl Explosion


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Pink Pearl Bracelet

pink_pearl_braceletThis bracelet would make a nice bridesmaids bracelet, and like all of my bridal jewelry, the colours are up to you. This one has lots of little fun things like pearls, rhinestones and silver foil beads. Bridal jewelry like this is great because your wedding party will still be able to wear it for other occasions after the big event.

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Do the Hustle!

disco_braceletThis chunky bracelet is made with a variety of chain types and features a sterling silver clasp. It is so versatile and fun to wear with any outfit imaginable. My favourite part about this piece are the crystal balls with metallic paint. They give this bracelet some awesome disco ball attitude.

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Grey Pearl Bracelet

greypearlbracelet3Grey and blue pearls on sterling silver chain make a nice addition to any outfit and any occasion. Dress it up or down or layer it with other bracelets and bangles to create a layered look.

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Tassel Bracelets

black_tassel_braceletThis is one of my recent favourites. Two pewter-toned chains are inter-woven and fastened with a delicate toggle clasp. The main attraction, though, is the black chain tassel affixed to a sterling silver cap. While the chains are long enough to be eye-catching, they’re not so long that they are cumbersome.
Truly a great piece for any outfit.

leaves_tassel_braceletThe image below is another version which follows the same theme with chunky matte brass chain and vintage brass leaves and stones.

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Leather and Stone Cuffs

leather cuffsThese bracelets are made with super, crazy soft vintage leather. They are so comfortable you could literally fall asleep with one on. The other cool thing about them is that when they are actually on your wrist, the chain links firm up and gives the bracelet the appearance of a solid bangle.

I am currently making these in black and white but as I scour the earth for more vintage leather, other colours will become available. The stones seen here are natural crystal, white quartz and baby blue quartz.

They are currently available at Freedom Clothing Collective.

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