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baublesWelcome to Covet Originals!

Covet features handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories. Each piece is created with originality in mind, often with re-used and vintage elements. With a wide range of styles and prices, there is much to covet here! I love to design according to my mood–sometimes I feel fashionably avant-garde, and sometimes I feel that something more classic is in order. I like to play with materials, incorporating ribbon and leather with crystals and pearls. Most of all, Covet is about complimenting your personal style, whether it’s with a bold statement necklace, or that perfect pair of chandelier earrings. I hope that Covet can fulfill all of your jewelry fantasies.

Covet also offers custom designed pieces, including bridal. Do you have old or broken jewelry that you do not wear but do not want to part with? Covet can re-make your jewelry into a new piece that suits you to a tea. Brides, especially, will appreciate Covet’s ability to incorporate their heirloom jewels into a couture piece for their special day.

Andrea Brent, Designer
Covet Originals

ps. Anything you see on the site can be custom made for you at my studio regardless of the post date.