» Key Plate Necklaces

I do apologize for not posting these sooner. Life got in the way of prompt blog updating. Here are a few shots of the gorgeous antique key plates that I found while traveling in France. They are solid brass and are just plain pretty. They were functional at one point so they are heavier than the reproductions that you can find here or there, but they are small so no neck pain, I promise. Personally, I would rather have the real thing.  I have combined them with pearls in girly shades of pink and cream which I think gives them a Rococo feel.


As you can see, the key shape has been filed out in this one which makes it look more like a wreath of roses. This one is quite long and features 3 layered vintage and new raw brass chains with pearl and crystal.

keyplate_shortThis piece is a bit shorter than the other key plate necklaces that I have made, as it sits around the breast bone. The pearls are hand knotted on silk and the little crystal chain is hand linked. keyplate_ribbonThis key plate has a hand-cut, hand-dyed silk ribbon in different shades of pink on raw brass chain. Underneath the plate is a little vintage tassel.